Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ever Experienced Screaming Kids on a Flight? #WATWB

It's the thirteenth installment of the We are the World Blogfest (#WATWB) this weekend! This blogfest was founded by an international group of bloggers to bring peace and positive stories of humanity to social media -- to shine light into the internet darkness.

The cohosts for the APRIL 2018 WATWB are: Shilpa Garg, Dan Antion, Simon Falk, Michelle Wallace , Mary Giese. Go visit them please and thank them for their hard work behind the scenes. If you want to know more about this blogfest and find a list of participating blogs, check here.

I ride public transportation all the time because I don't own a car. Occasionally, an unruly child or baby will be on the bus with a parent who is desperately trying to calm the child or distract him or her. So I was particularly taken with the story of Jessica Rudeen's first time flying with her toddler and baby. What parent hasn't had a bad day with a child? What parent wouldn't love to meet a guy like Todd in this story who happened to be in the seat next to Jessica and her kids?

After Jessica boarded the plane, her hungry 4-month-old son began to scream. Her toddler began a tantrum to get off the plane. Todd offered to hold the baby while Jessica settled her toddler daughter, and then distracted her daughter giving Jessica time to feed her son. By the time the plane took off, the kids were quiet, thanks to Todd's kindness.

But the story doesn't end there. Todd turned into a true angel for Jessica.
Read what he did here. The photos below are a clue!

Photos by Jessica Rudeen


Deborah Weber said...

What a heart-warming story! Every one of us could use a little dose of kindness and help once in a while, and hopefully this story encourages people to extend it.

Michelle Wallace said...

Thank you for participating in the #WATWB this month!

What a wonderful story AND the promise of a blossoming friendship between the two families!! An all round win-win situation!

Writer In Transit

Susan Scott said...

Todd - what a lovely man! Not just on the airplane but also to guide them through the terminal! O such a lovely story! Great #WATWB post thank you.

Gina said...

Thank you, Deborah, Michelle, and Susan for your comments! I have helped with kids of perfect strangers when I've been travelling, but the kids were just rambunctious, not crying, screaming or distressed. I guess I wouldn't have expected such empathy from a guy, but he mentioned at the end that he was paying the kindness forward that had been shown his wife in the same way once. I love it when people pay kindnesses forward!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gina - what a wonderful 'present' that must have been for Jessica ... gosh and then helping with the luggage and making friends with her daughter ... delightful - cheers Hilary