Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Simple Act of Kindness Leads to Big Surprise #WATWB

It's been a year -- a YEAR -- since We are the World Blogfest began and this is the twelfth installment of the blogfest! If you're seeing this for the first time, We are the World Blogfest began a year ago to spread light and positive energy through the internet darkness, and to share stories of human kindness, love, and peace. We are an international blogfest, and we have a Facebook page where we also post stories.

A few weeks ago, a story on a local TV station caught my eye, and I've been excited to share it here ever since. It's about a young woman's act of kindness, her decision to take the time to help a customer in an unusual way.

In La Marque, Texas, 18-year-old Evoni Williams works in a Waffle House and saves her tips to one day go to college. One Saturday morning, Adrien came into the Waffle House and sat in Evoni's section. The 78-year-old Adrien's hands were not limber enough to cut up the meat he'd ordered. What happened next was captured in a photo by a nearby customer. And guess where that photo ended up?

The photo and the story of Evoni's kindness went viral starting on Facebook. I love finding examples of kindness going viral! Read here how that ended up affecting Evoni's life in a surprising way. Kindness generating even more kindness....

Thank you to our fabulous blogfest hosts for this month: Belinda Witzenhausen, Sylvia McGrath, Sylvia Stein, Shilpa Garg, and Eric Lahti. Check out their blogs for more interesting, and positive, reading! You can also find more stories at the #WATWB Facebook page.  For more information about this blogfest, see here. Until next out for random acts of kindness in your life, or perpetrate some of your own.

Photo courtesy: Disney Inc.

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