Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Compassion of Strangers #WATWB

Five months! #WATWB, or We are the World Blogfest, has been moving right along for five months now, with bloggers sharing stories of positive action of people for people to counter the flood of negative news and energy in the world right now. This month's hosts are Simon Falk, Roshan Radhakrishnan, Inderpreet Uppal, Sylvia Stein, and Damyanti Biswas. Check out their blogs, as well as others listed on Damyanti's blog, to read something positive in your world! My contribution is below.

When I first read this blogpost, the writer's courage blew me away. Yes, it takes a LOT of courage to be open about physical and psychological trauma suffered at the hands of a friend. Most people would want to hide away and not talk about it. The blogger, Laura, shares her story not only to reveal her trauma, but also to describe the amazing compassion of strangers that she encountered.

Glastonbury Festival in the UK is a performing arts festival that occurs every year in June. Laura had made plans with friends to go, but one of those friends proved to not be a trustworthy and respectful friend (which is an understatement). As a result, Laura faced the possibility of not being able to go to Glastonbury. But she did a courageous thing: she wrote to the Festival and described her dilemma. The Glastonbury Festival responded with such amazing understanding and compassion, they showed that loving kindness and caring are truly out there in the world for all to see. They protected Laura when she could not count on her "friends" to do so.

Photo courtesy LifeonLauraLane Blog

Bravo, Laura, for standing tall and being a survivor! And bravo to the Glastonbury Festival who hire such compassionate, protective, and supportive people to take care of their audience. For the complete story, please read Laura's blog post: "An Open Letter to Glastonbury, from a victim." 


Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

This is a lovely post. I guess that is the best part of this #watwb series. Getting to find new and inspiring moments from across the world. So necessary too, the way the world is going.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gina - thanks for sharing this - I read Laura's post ... which I encourage others to read - extraordinary turn of events for her, after such a dreadful incident. I sincerely hope she can move positively on ... while kudos to the Eavis' at Glastonbury and to the police - cheers Hilary

Lynn Hallbrooks said...

After reading this young lady's story, I have more than a few tears in my eyes. I hope more organizers of big events take heed. Yes, there are those who try to "game the system" but there really are those who need compassion like her. Thanks for sharing this story and for being a part of #WATWB

Damyanti said...

That's such a warm, generous, human response! Thanks for sharing this with us, and your constant support to the #WATWB .

Gina said...

Thanks for all the comments! I was so in awe of the courage of these people as well as their compassion. What a wonderful example for the world. Really thankful that Laura decided to make her story public on her blog!

Simon Falk said...

What a touching story and thanks to the Glastonbury Festival people for making this happen in such a way. Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB