Saturday, March 11, 2017

Would You Speak for Peace?

A blogger friend, along with a group of other bloggers, has set up a blogfest/blog hop in order to promote positive news. We are living in a dark and negative time, especially in America which now has a man in the White House who thinks in terms of conspiracies and disasters, who calls the press "enemies of the people," and who routinely lies and flouts established law. He has also surrounded himself with like-minded people to serve his purposes.

This blogfest is called "We are the World" #WATWB. Its goal is for member bloggers to post positive news once a month, comment on each other's posts, and share each other's posts on Facebook and Twitter, and other social media. For any of my readers who are also bloggers, here is the originating post with instructions on how to sign up, along with the badge to put on your blog.

I have been thinking about this blogfest for the last few days, going back and forth in my mind whether or not to join in. I really like the goal. I like the purpose. It's not asking for a lot of posts per month. And if it helps to change the focus of thinking out there, I do support that. So why am I dragging my mental feet?

Perhaps my hesitation results from the difficulty I've been having lately writing anything. A Zeitgeist now exists that reminds me a lot of the despair and darkness Ursula Le Guin wrote in the third novel of her Earthsea Cycle, The Farthest Shore. In that fantasy, the Archmage Ged of Earthsea searches for the cause of the despair, darkness and forgetting that is spreading across the Archipelago. The cause turns out to be one man whose desire for immortality and what he does to achieve it have poisoned the world. Magic saves the world in that story, but there is no magic in our world.

Unless you believe that words have magic. Words that express positive ideas and draw attention to positive events in the world. Or that the emotional light that we all have within us can be used to shine through the darkness. Some call that light "love," others call it "compassion" or "kindness." Buddhists believe that we are all connected, that how we treat others will come back to us in kind in this life, not in another. What goes around, comes around. Treat others as you would have others treat you.

Sirius, or Dog Star, the brightest star
An especially bright human light shines through the Arts. While those who would live in darkness devalue the arts and want to defund them in an attempt to extinguish that light, it's important to let the light shine. I think if I would participate in the "We are the World" #WATWB blogfest, I would focus my attention and my writing on stories about the positive effects of the arts or positive stories about the arts. So perhaps you will see what I hope will be bright lights at this blog once a month on the last Friday of each month in the future.

Stay tuned....


Damyanti said...

Join us, Cinda. It is only a link to a piece of positive news and an excerpt pasted from it. It has changed my perspective a fair bit.

Susan Scott said...

Great post Gina!