Thursday, March 16, 2017

Taking Perceval to the Next Level

As my regular readers here know, I am a grudging member of The Working Poor in America. I work part-time and search for a fulltime job. A friend helps with paying my rent so I won't be evicted. About a month ago, I bit the bullet and launched a fundraising campaign at GoFundMe. This campaign has two purposes:
  1. To pay off the debt I have left from publishing my novel Perceval's Secret three years ago. 
  2. To raise the funds to publish Perceval's Secret as a paperback and launch it.
In the fall of 2013, I had a month-long Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to e-publish Perceval's Secret. At that time, I raised over $3000, but because the campaign did not achieve the goal of $5000, I received none of the money.

I chose to take the risk of going forward anyway with publishing Perceval's Secret. All the expenses for the editor, book cover design, manuscript conversion to 2 electronic formats for publication, and marketing for the book launch went on a credit card. I used a $0 interest promotion offered by the credit card for the marketing expenses. Every month, I paid far more than the minimum payment, but the interest charged on the non-promo part really hurt my efforts. Then I reached the end of the promo period and the entire amount on the credit card was now earning interest for the credit card company.  I still continued to pay monthly more than the minimum.

Finally, last year, I transferred the balance on that credit card to another credit card to take advantage of another $0 interest promotion. That promotion would last 16 months. The promotion's end fast approaches. I'd like to finish paying off the credit card debt before the promotion ends so that I won't end up feeding the interest monster anymore.

While paying off the debt is my primary purpose for this GoFundMe fundraising campaign, if I manage to raise more money above the $5800 I need for that debt, I'll use the "extra" money to publish Perceval's Secret in paperback.

One person e-mailed me about 10 days into this fundraising campaign to inform me that I was "begging online." It disturbed me that he chose to look at it that way, even though it's probably a valid perspective. Others who have already donated to the campaign have chosen to express the perspective of helping a friend, a good cause, or giving an author a leg up. 

Perceval's Secret has garnered good to excellent reviews at Amazon and on GoodReads. I believe strongly in this novel and the 5-book series for which it is the first installment. Sales have not been what I'd hoped despite my marketing and promotion efforts in 2014 and last year (I was quite ill in 2015 and could not work as much on it).

I'd love nothing better than to have sales increase and keep increasing. So if you'd rather help out by buying Perceval's Secret, reading it, writing a review at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and GoodReads, I'd love it! And especially if you encouraged others to buy and read the book, and post reviews. Go for it! To pay off the debt, I'd need to sell 2,850 e-books by the end of May!

Click on these links to buy Perceval's Secret:
Amazon Kindle US (but also available internationally on Amazon)
Barnes & Noble Nook
Kobo International

Click on this link to donate to the fundraising campaign:
Taking Perceval to the Next Level

For all those generous spirits who donate, I will post their names on the "Appreciation" page at the Anatomy of Perceval blog.

Also, if you are on Facebook, like the public The Perceval Novels Facebook page to find out about special fundraising promotions with "rewards" that I'll run through Facebook.

To all who choose to be generous, my heartfelt thanks! (And if you buy Perceval's Secret, I hope that you'll enjoy it!)


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