Monday, January 16, 2017

Open Letter to Donald J. Trump About Respect

Dear Mr. Trump,

I did not vote for you in the November 8, 2016 election, and if given the choice again, I still would not vote for you. While you may believe that you are the greatest businessman on earth, I do not. While you may believe that you and only you can bring meaningful change to our country, I do not. While you have moved forward in your transition to the White House, with each new appointment or nominee, you continue to lose my hope and goodwill. You say one thing and do something quite different. That is the hallmark of untrustworthiness.

Just because you will sit in the Oval Office does not mean I have to respect or trust you.  Frankly, your words and behavior are abhorrent to me. I've never seen such an undignified, sleazy president-elect who has absolutely no class. You will need to make some big changes in your words and behavior to get my positive attention.

I have worked in the past with people I did not like, but I respected them, their intelligence, and their expertise in the positions they held, and they earned my trust. That is what you will have to do in order to unite this country: earn the respect and trust of those people who voted for Secretary Clinton or failed to vote at all because they disliked both choices.


My father taught me to respect everyone no matter who they were, so it's a big deal to lose my respect. Frankly, you have demonstrated no respect for women at all. Since I'm a woman, that means that you do not respect me. Your behavior towards women is disgusting, objectifying, misogynistic and abusive. It's clear from your behavior that you must exert control over women. I do not respect that kind of behavior toward women or anyone else.

You've demonstrated that you do not respect the people who work in government, and who put their lives on the line for our country in many ways, including military and those in the intelligence community. Why should they respect you?  They work hard for America. They do their best and go above and beyond for America. Your behavior toward them, and your words, demonstrate your disrespect. It surprises me that your father never taught you about respect. 

Photo courtesy of Office of Rep. John Lewis
Congressman John Lewis has my respect. He has put his life on the line, literally, for civil and human rights, and for equality for African Americans under the law. He continues to work hard for this cause as well as representing his constituents in Atlanta. The President of the United States must be open and willing to listen to all Americans, and respectful of all Americans, not just those who look like him. The President's constituents are every single American, whether that American voted for that President or not. If you want to unite this country, as you claimed you wanted to do, you are not off to a good start. Neither is your political party for that matter. In fact, your behavior and words demonstrate that you have no interest in uniting this country. 
By not complying with the Constitution, the laws of this country, and the dignified and classy traditions associated with the Office of President, you have demonstrated a deep disrespect for them. The Presidency is not just another way to enrich yourself. It is not for spiffing up your brand. It is not for enriching your family, either. And no, you are not exempt from the laws governing conflict of interest for public officials or the nepotism laws, no matter how your lawyers spin things.

I do not respect you because you are dishonest. You make things up to suit yourself in any given situation, and those fantasies are not reality. I cannot trust someone who does that. If your words are not consistent with your actions, also, as they have been so far, I cannot trust you. It's really laughable some of the things you say.  For example, you claim not to have a relationship with Vladimir Putin, and yet, in an interview in 2013, you were quite explicit in saying that you do have a relationship with Putin. Your definition of "relationship" seems to be if someone says nice things about you, then you have a relationship with that person.  Really?  What do you have with Melania?  With your children? Or are you the man who dictates family life, controls everything, and sexualizes your daughter and hasn't a clue what a healthy relationship really is? That's what I've seen so far. Relationship?  I cannot trust someone who makes up definitions of words to suit himself.

The President is not above the law, no one is. I understand that you are a 70-year-old overweight guy raised to objectify women and to put money at the top of your priorities, even above the country. You have not served in the military.  You've never been elected to public office before this, so you have no experience as a public servant. You have served only yourself and your own interests. So you see, Trump, you need to change your way of thinking, also, before I can either respect or trust you.  You must stop serving yourself and your own interests. You must stop thinking and acting in those terms.

I expect you to be the absolute worst President in the history of the United States. Why? You mean besides not being qualified? Besides not having the knowledge and experience in government -- GOVERNING? If you don't change your ways, you will hurt this country. I expect your VP to try to cover for you as necessary, and to do his best to spin your behavior. He's done enough in Indiana to convince me that he has no respect for other people, especially women, either. I expect your administration to also be corrupt because you put money above the country.

I cannot respect you because you do not put the country and serving it and your constituents above yourself and your own interests.


Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Amen to this.

Gina said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm planning a series of open letters over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!