Sunday, October 23, 2016

I'm an Early Voter

It's been 3 weeks since I've published a post here. My brain has been reeling from observing the life around me. So much so, that I decided to vote early which is possible in my state. It was wonderful. No lines. Fast. I declined the photo opportunity after dropping my ballot in the ballot box. I left the early voting station feeling elated and relieved. Now I no longer felt obligated to watch what's going on with the various political campaigns swirling around the country right now.

Ha. Ha.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any more outrageous and horrifying, a video leaks into our lives of Donald Trump and Billy Bush yucking it up and boasting about sexually assaulting women. At the third debate, Trump allowed that he hadn't done what he bragged about doing, but that seems to be at odds with the women now coming forward with their stories about him sexually assaulting them. There seems no doubt at this point that Trump disrespects women, and that he's a misogynist. Trump cannot let go of anything, even when the truth is up close and personal in his face. Wow. I grew up in the home of a sociopath and narcissist. Let me say from my experience, Trump exhibits the behavior, speech, and beliefs of a sociopath and narcissist.

A friend commented that watching the debates has reminded him of being in elementary school. And Clinton just rises above it all which isn't too difficult, actually. No doubt of who is the adult in this year's election campaign. In addition, Trump makes no effort to educate himself about the job description for a US President, about the limits and checks on the power of the Executive Branch of our federal government led by the President, and about how the judicial system works in our country. For example, as President, Trump would not be able to put Clinton in jail. He does not have that power. Only a dictator has that kind of power. Electing an outsider is one thing, if that outsider is mature, educated, experienced, and intelligent. It's quite another when that outsider is immature, inexperienced, criminal in his business dealings, ignorant, and autocratic.

And then there's the notion that American men are intensely uncomfortable with a woman in power. The reason given for Clinton's lack of support among men, especially men who haven't been to college. I don't know whether to laugh or groan. I wonder if it has something to do with not successfully detaching from their mothers and maturing as adult men? After all, mothers are the most powerful women in men's lives.  Or perhaps it's closer to racism in this country as we've experienced in the last 8 years of Obama's presidency and how he's been treated.

Women have been fighting for over 60 years for equality under the law, for social equality, for employment equality, and economic equality. Isn't it about time men realized that maybe they need to change their core beliefs about women, as well as their core beliefs about men in our society? It really looks like the men just never got the message back in the early 1970's that if they wanted good relationships with women, that they needed to change their thinking and behavior too? We still have a long way to go, as each generation works to replace the old, misogynistic beliefs with those of acceptance, respect, and equality.

So, women have a long way yet to go, and now it's about helping men learn how to be in a world in which men and women are equal human beings -- not a world where men rule and treat women as dependent children that must be kept under control. Trump truly represents the past.  Where's Melania? Why hasn't she been stumping for him on the campaign trail? She's done very little compared to other candidate spouses in the past and present. Perhaps she has no desire to support her husband in that way. Or perhaps she's had no say in the matter.

This is the first time in my lifetime that a candidate running for president thinks he's smart if he can break the law and not get caught, or get caught and either buy his way out or bully his way out of punishment. And then blame it all on the lawyers and prosecutors because of course he hasn't done anything wrong. Our country does not need this person setting foreign policy, meeting with foreign leaders, or having access to the nuclear codes. This person has neither the skills nor the abilities to govern, to work with Congress, to represent the entire country, to compromise and build consensus. This person knows nothing about leading in a democratic system.

This is also the first time in my lifetime that a foreign country has tried to undermine our democratic process. I suppose it's much easier to do now with the internet being essentially borderless and hacking becoming an acceptable method in the world of espionage. And then to have a presidential candidate deny that the hacking has come from a foreign source? I should think a presidential candidate would be concerned about his own data and want to work with security experts to insure that his own data was protected, and cooperate with security experts regarding any information he or his campaign might have about the cyber-intrusions. If he's not concerned, why not? Does he know something the rest of us don't?

And finally, this is the first time in my lifetime a presidential candidate has begun claiming that our democratic processes are rigged, corrupt, and set up to favor his opponent. That there will be election fraud. He does not know what he's talking about, and what is especially sad and scary is that he makes no effort to educate himself about the processes and why fraud does not occur in this country as it does in a truly corrupt and undemocratic system.  Commentators have explained that his claims of a rigged election is preparation for him losing which was underscored at the last debate when Trump refused to say that he would accept the results of the election. Or, another possibility -- it's his way of encouraging his supporters to try to commit election fraud or intimidate voters (both illegal). When I voted early, I could see no way to rig the process in favor of one candidate or another. The voter's identity is checked three times against the information the voter provides, and the voter signs off on the ballot under the scrutiny of an election judge. Any deviation from the process would be noticed immediately and stopped.

In psychology there's a concept called "projection" in which a patient projects onto others beliefs, speech, and behavior that he himself has and has done. Sociopaths are particularly adept at projection. The layperson knows it as "blaming everyone and everything else for a mistake, problem, etc." They do not take responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behavior but see themselves as always being right. Another way of interpreting projection is the sociopath revealing his profound sense of powerlessness to effect anything in his world because everyone else does and he is under their power.

I'm going to be so glad when this election is over....

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cheryl (clee') said...

I have also voted early by mail-in ballot. Now, I have to decide between staying up all night to watch the election results or just staying away from TV/internet and finding out the next morning. Either way it is an agony I have not felt in the last 11 times I have voted in the Presidential elections. I guess supporters on both sides feel it is just unimaginable if the other candidate wins, but I'M FOR HER!