Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Successful Patient: Things You Need to Know About Your Doctor

The doctor-patient relationship is something that needs to be nurtured, not only by the doctor, but also by the patient.  Being sick is no fun, and seeing a loved one suffer isn't either.  Doctors understand this better than many people seem to think. No, you are not your disease.  But you do need to advocate for yourself.

I ran across this blog post, "7 surprising things patients should know about their physicians," at this morning and thought I'd share it here.  Dr. Grumet makes some excellent points.  I'd also like to add that doctors are fallible humans, and so are nurses and every other medical professional with whom you may deal.  They have moods.  They have bad days.  They are capable of saying stupid things, too. All just like patients. You can increase your chances of positive outcomes by remembering this and making a point of collaborating with your doctor(s) and other medical professionals.  You can bet that they want positive outcomes for you, too.

May your holidays be festive and your 2016 healthy throughout!


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