Monday, November 16, 2015

The Human World

Illustration by Jean Jullien
When I heard about the attacks in Paris last Friday night, my first thought was "who do I know there?" A list of names flooded my mind, all friends who had visited Paris in the last six months but were home, safe. And then I thought, as I began to feel numb, that it really didn't matter if I knew anyone in Paris, or in France, or in Beirut. They were humans like me, living in a human world, and some of those humans with a fanatic world view had murdered some of those humans who did not share that fanatic world view.

People kill people.

I am still numb. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I feel helpless. Vulnerable.

People kill people.

Can it ever stop? Will it? Or will there always be people who would kill people for their own reasons? Would you want people who are violent and choose murder to make their point to be in a position of power over you?

Humans think they are such an advanced species.  Really?  Just because they can think? Murderers think, too.

If we have mass shootings in America perpetrated by people who are mentally unstable, does that mean that mass shootings elsewhere in the world are perpetrated also by mentally unstable people?

I cannot imagine a human being with a gun standing in a crowded concert hall and shooting other human beings. Isn't the act of shooting people a trauma as much as being shot? Isn't the act of harming another human being the same as harming oneself?

My heart has broken. 

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