Friday, August 28, 2015

Where's the Clean Linen Air Freshener?!

This summer, I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for Glade air freshener in the "Clean Linen" scent.  I could not find it in stores or at my usual groceries.  I finally went to Amazon to see if they had it.  Success!  But it was rather expensive -- I wanted the square glass container in which you can slip the scent packet.  In fact, the decorative square glass container air freshener seemed to have disappeared from the stores except for two or three seasonal scents.  Now there's wax that melts, candles, and scented oil.  Why is it that a product I love and I've bought for a long time suddenly disappears?

It's all about money, of course.  That is, profits from sales.  If a product drops in popularity, i.e. drops in sales, the company is more than likely going to pull it from store shelves in favor of products that are more popular.  It's the law of the marketplace, right? 

And dear Glade, why did you discontinue the rectangular plugins?  I loved being able to insert the gel pack, plug the white rectangular holder into a wall socket and leave it for a couple months.  Where are they now?  Not in the stores.  Now we have "fans." I wonder if Glade ever considered that simpler might be better?  But it does seem that the clean linen scent has become obsolete by decree of Glade.  I loved it.

I also loved two flavors of Yoplait Custard Style Yogurt (now called "Thick and Creamy") that each abruptly disappeared from my favorite grocery store.  The first was blueberry pie -- it REALLY tasted like blueberry pie, too.  I used to buy 4 or 5 of this flavor at a time and could not get enough of it.  But one day, it just disappeared.  There is no Thick and Creamy blueberry just "Light Blueberry Patch" that I don't like that much, or the Original Yoplait.

The second flavor was a lemon Yoplait Custard Style Yogurt.  It was wonderfully smooth, thick, and lemony.  That, too, suddenly disappeared from store shelves.  I ended up substituting the Light Lemon Cream Pie, and I've also discovered other yogurt brands that have scrumptious lemon flavored yogurt.  But Yoplait actually lost me as a loyal customer because of the loss of these two flavors.  I'll occasionally check the Yoplait section to see if there's anything different, but no, no such luck.

Ensure Varieties
Then there are the companies who, in order to make more money on a popular product, will re-package the product so that it seems like they are bringing out a new product in the same line. Abbott Laboratories did this with their very popular Ensure supplement protein drink.  I noticed recently that they've come out with a line of "Active" nutrition drinks.  The label touts 8 grams of protein, 180 calories, and 0 grams of fat.  I prefer the Ensure "Original nutrition shake" which touts 9 grams of protein, 220 calories, and 26 vitamins and minerals.  A couple years ago, I think, Abbott also introduced Ensure nutrition drinks targeted to "heart health," "muscle health," and Ensure Plus, Ensure Complete, Ensure Clinical Strength, Ensure Immune, Ensure Bone Health and Ensure Advance and Ensure Gold. The inevitable question is: how different are each of these different lines from one another? Frankly, my perception is that they are only minutely different, i.e. not that different at all.  I stick with the Original nutrition shakes and the clear nutrition drinks.

Wild Berry Ensure
As I've watched Abbott re-brand, re-introduce, and introduce new versions of Ensure, I think about them pulling their Wild Berry nutrition drink flavor from the market because, according to the sales rep I spoke with at a conference, "it had low sales."  It was my favorite flavor at the time. I wish they'd bring it back!

But they won't.  Just as P&G probably won't bring back the Glade plugins or maybe not the clean linen scent. You can't always get what you want..... 

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