Friday, May 16, 2014

Viral Videos of Fights

Tara, the hero cat, with the boy she saved
This has been a big week for viral videos.  The two that have dominated the airwaves and social media so far have depicted fights.  Two very different fights with very different fighters....

The first embarrassed the hotel in which it occurred and the family involved in the fight.  Jay-Z and his wife, Beyonce Knowles, and his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, entered an elevator at the Standard Hotel following the big Met Gala last weekend in New York City.  The hotel is known for its protection of its clients' privacy but someone sold the security video of what occurred in that elevator.  I refuse to re-post the video here, so I'll describe the action it captured.

Words were exchanged between Jay-Z and Solange.  Then she attacked him.  Beyonce, standing next to Jay-Z, did nothing at first.  The bodyguard also present grabbed Solange and pulled her away from Jay-Z.  At that point, Beyonce moved forward so that she stood between the two.  The security camera did not record sound so we have no idea what was said during the elevator ride.  Those people had an expectation of privacy in the elevator that was breached by whoever stole and sold the security video.  The Standard Hotel is not pleased.  We cannot know how the elevator's occupants reacted to the brouhaha the video created.  However, they have released a statement that attempts to put the matter to rest.  Who knew that they have family squabbles just like everyone else?  Oh, duh. 

The second video, in contrast, was heroic in character rather than kind of sleazy.  I have no problem posting a link to it

This is an amazing video, and an amazing cat.  We hear stories of dogs saving their owners, their families, and other animals.  Cat stories however tend to be kind of rare, in my experience.  We don't think of cats being so protective of their "people pets" or initiating a defensive attack like this cat did.  This was a good fight.  Makes me proud to be a cat lover.....

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