Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anthony Weiner, or Perhaps We All Need to Grow Up Some More?

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Poor Anthony Weiner.  He has once again brought down upon himself the forces of Junior High School thinking in the tittering masses.  I don't know which appalls me more: Weiner's behavior or the media's in covering the story which is not much in terms of newsworthy.  Can we please get it out there how immature all this is?  I mean, even Time magazine got into the "fun" with a cover headline: "Weiners and Losers."  The sexual innuendo has been clever and creative as only Junior High School level thinking can be.  And I admit it: I've laughed at some of the more clever ones.

First, I want to take a look at Mr. Weiner's name.  It is German.  In that language, it means a "wine man" and is pronounced "viner."  Wein means "wine" in German.  Now if we change the spelling to Wiener, pronounced in German "veener," we have a "man of Vienna" as in Vienna, Austria.  Wien is Vienna in German.  In English, there is no word weiner -- no.  What we have in English comes from German, i.e. wiener, which means a frankfurter or hotdog.  It comes from the German word Wienerwurst, or Vienna sausage.  It is only in the English vernacular that wiener has acquired a sexual connotation.  Mr. Weiner does not spell his name to mean "of Vienna" or "of Vienna sausage."

Now, the sexting.  The majority of cases of sexting appear mostly in Junior High and High School, with kids thinking it's harmless and not understanding its ramifications.  You'd think Mr. Weiner would understand the ramifications at 48 years of age.  Does he have a self esteem issue?  Is there a problem in his marriage?  I have to admit, I was appalled to learn that he'd continued sexting after he was caught the first time and publicly humiliated.  Maybe he thought no one would be watching or believe that he'd do it again after what he went through before.  It caused him his job.  And now it's threatening his campaign to be Mayor of New York City.

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The media is enjoying itself at Mr. Weiner's expense now, as well as people online who are in competition to see how many ways they can use "weiner" in a sentence that reeks of sexual innuendo.  Mr. Weiner struggles to remain above the fray, but I fear his sexting has once again brought about his downfall.  Does New York City really want a Mayor who has a track record of continuing undesirable and inappropriate behavior?  Does Gotham want a Mayor who is either immature or has some kind of psychological issue related to his physical appearance or appeal?

New York City needs a mature adult who can tackle its problems with energy and creativity.  It needs a mayor who is a leader, who has excellent management skills, and who respects himself and others.  His family needs to be a priority, not a punchline due to his disrespectful and immature behavior.  At the same time, I think the media needs to move on.  Nothing more that's new here, folks.

I just hope now Mr. Weiner can learn from his mistakes...finally.

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