Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Presentation Time!

This week has been nuts.  I've not had the time to think about a post for this blog much less actually write one. 

This Saturday I'm giving a presentation drawn from the material for the memoir/self-help book I'm working on about being a successful patient.  My nerves are frayed.  My mind feels like it's frying, not fried.  Public speaking is way, way out of my comfort zone.  So why am I doing this?

Well, I need to start somewhere getting used to speaking in front of large groups in anticipation of the day I'll be doing readings and signing books.  I've begun working on a state arts grant application and one of the requirements is a community component: going out into the community to share my literary art.  So more public speaking for sure next year....

In the meantime, life returns to a more normal routine next week so I expect to return to my normal blogwriting routine, too.

Thanks to my loyal readers and their patience!

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