Monday, March 11, 2013

Facebook, mon Amour

My darling, beloved Facebook,

What are you doing? 

We've been together now for 3.5 years and I've been patient.  You have admitted to your flighty, impulsive ways, and wanting to change your appearance every few months.  Makes me wonder if you might be in the Federal Witness Protection program or something.  But your crass ways with privacy convinced me otherwise.  I'm glad we're done with that phase.  Or are we?  You've been so obsessed about your appearance lately that you've forgotten all about the basic stuff.  And me. 

Instead of re-designing and launching a "new" Wall design, which is totally unnecessary btw, and it's certainly not been that long since the last re-design, try dealing with some basics.  For example:

** For my employment status, I want to delete "currently looking" and leave it blank but you won't let me do that.  I should be able to do that!  And btw, "currently looking" is NOT a company! 

** For my location, you grab every location I happen to mention and suddenly I've traveled there, or visited, or moved, and it goes on my location map.  Ridiculous!  It gives people the totally wrong impression of me.  I've stopped mentioning locations.  I want total control of what goes on that map, so give it up! 

** You've started inserting these obnoxious "sponsored pages" posts in my news feed.  Sometimes they have been liked by one of my friends, most of the time not.  My news feed is for news, not advertising.  So cut it out!  There's enough advertising along the sides as it is.

** I have NO interest, absolutely none, in changing the appearance of my Wall to what your re-design is.  What I want is to return my Wall to the way it was before this two-column monstrosity that's so cluttered, it's hard to read.  The Wall when I joined in 2009 was so simple to read, with a clear, crisp layout, and so easy on the eyes.  Is there something wrong with your brain(s), dear, that you feel the need to change your appearance when it's not necessary?

Have you no respect or consideration for me?  For my feelings for you?  I almost left you the last time you changed the Wall's appearance.  Do you want me to leave you now?  All I want is control over my space.....

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