Friday, December 28, 2012

The Winds of Change are Blowing....

It's been almost a year now since I began writing this blog.  My original intent involved carrying on a bit of the tradition that Andy Rooney so brilliantly established on "60 Minutes."  After a month or so, I forgot about that and forged ahead on my own, writing about whatever caught my eye or ear.  I plan to continue to do that, but I thought I'd make some changes too.  I agonized about announcing any changes before I made them.  Will expectations rise too high?  Or will I lose readers?  I hope that the changes I'm making will actually appeal rather than disappoint!

First change: I'll post twice a week, whenever the spirit moves me during the week.  Considering my writing life is already quite full -- another blog about fiction and classical music, writing nonfiction and fiction -- starting out writing three posts a week quickly became a strain.  So, I've been posting twice a week already for some time, but I tried to keep a regular schedule...with little success.  So with this change, I'm only turning myself loose to pursue whatever collides with my world...whenever.

Second change: While I'll continue to write commentary on the world and life in general, as I see it, I plan to add more attention to the world of healthcare, medicine, and being a patient.  I'm working on a nonfiction book about being a successful patient, and I see this blog as a great opportunity to draw attention to the life of a chronic illness patient, and how to take the best care of oneself as one can as a patient dealing with the medical community.

Third change: Sorry, folks.  Not as many pictures.  I've decided on a maximum of two per post, but there could be many with only one.  I'll include more pictures if the subject demands them and they're easy to find (or I already have them on my computer).  While my visual imagination is quite fine, I express myself the best in text.

Thank you to all my loyal readers!  I hope that more will find me here in 2013. 

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!


Niles, el Gato

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Plum in Minn. said...

I look forward to your Successful Patient series. Happy new year!