Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not Again! Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump:

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You are a guy to be admired and respected.  As a businessman, you've built an empire, suffered setbacks, and persevered to bounce back more successful than before.  Your "Apprentice" TV shows have endured despite hefty competition.  So I think, either you're a smart guy or you surround yourself with smart people and you have at least the intelligence to know good ideas when you see them.

Your forays into politics, however, get mixed reviews, and with good reason.  Just because someone is successful in business doesn't always translate to success in governing.  Leadership in business and leadership in government may have similarities, but with government the stakes are the highest they can be and the playing field encompasses the world.  A U.S. President needs to be a master at leading diplomatically for our countries' relationships with other countries, as well as leading decisively for domestic issues.  Impulsiveness belongs nowhere near the Oval Office.

We would like a President to be intelligent, thoughtful, responsible, and confident.  We want a President to be capable of gathering the information from advisers that's needed to make decisions.  And we want a President who recognizes when an action does not achieve the desired result and who then will change the action to something that works.  We want a President who respects his comrades in government and politics, and all his constituents.

The news this morning announced that Mitt Romney had "clinched" the Republican nomination.  It also brought the report that you questioned again President Obama's birthplace and birth certificate.  Talk about beating a dead horse.  Talk about disrespect for the Chief Executive of our country.  Talk about doing something again and again -- questioning Obama's birthplace -- but expecting something different to happen as a result, i.e. Obama suddenly ineligible to be President due to not being a natural born citizen.

Can you recognize that this issue is no longer an issue?  Have you seen his birth certificate yourself or spoken to people who were there?  Are you so paranoid that you might believe that Obama's birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper was a plant and false, and his birth certificate is a fake?  I urge you to check at, the website that debunks hoaxes and scams, for their report on Obama's birth certificate.

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Bringing up this issue again will not result in a different outcome.  Please stop being an idiot and encouraging other idiots.  Let this issue go and move on.  Show that you can rise to the challenge of admitting you were wrong, you made a mistake, and accept it.  Show Mitt Romney the leader that you are.  He deserves that much.  Otherwise, you're just making yourself and him look bad at best and unplugged from reality at worst.

My politics?  I am not affiliated with any political party.  I'm one of those independents who educates herself about the candidates and votes for the one I believe will be the best person for the job, irrespective of political party.

All the best,

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