Monday, April 16, 2012

Unexpected Developments

Dear Eyes on Life Readers:

The week of March 26, I began having a specific health issue regarding my gastrointestinal tract.  By Thursday, I was unable to eat or drink anything.  Called 911 and went to the ER.  A sharp doctor there ordered the right tests.  She admitted me to the hospital with pancreatitis.

Whoa.  This is how unexpected developments happen.  Pancreatitis?  How?

I was in a teaching hospital so I had an internal medicine team wondering the same thing.  After an ultrasound, they saw gallstones in the gallbladder.  It was reasonable that a stone had slipped into the duct, traveled toward the small intestine and on the way, bumped the pancreas, irritating it.  And putting me in the hospital.  Ingrate gallstone!

To prevent more gallstones from aggravating my pancreas, I chose to have my gallbladder removed via laporoscopic surgery.  I was on the way to recovery until a hematoma developed at one of the incision sites.  I ended up in the ER again to have the hematoma treated.

The bottom line: I have not been able to write here on my usual schedule.  In fact, I haven't been writing at all, anywhere.  My body demands sleep, sleep and more sleep.  I'm behind with everything.  Unexpected developments create havoc in a life.  I have every intention to continue writing this blog, gradually working back to my old schedule of 2-3 times a week, writing my observations on the life around me.  Don't be surprised if there's some medical topics early on.....

Thanks for your continued patience!


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Anonymous said...

Please accept my sincere wishes for a happy recovery. With never ever ever ever a recurrence. Did I mention never?